NUCL-EU 2020 is a H2020 CSA (Coordination and Support Action) project aiming to create an European wide active network of EURATOM NCPs. The ultimate objective of NUCL-EU 2020 is to ensure support to Horizon 2020 potential applicants, raising awareness about potential topics and increase the average quality of proposals submitted under the EURATOM Framework Programme for Research and Innovation and the overall success rate at EU level. For this to happen there is a need for letting stakeholders – prospective EURATOM applicants – know of the existence and potential support of NCPs and in particular of a network of NCPs. For promoting more effective and successful participation in Horizon 2020, NUCL-EU 2020 offers training, partner search tools and brokerage events. NUCL-EU 2020 wants to contribute to a step forward on the R&D landscape at EU level.