Dr. Cirrone Giuseppe Antonio Pablo was born in Catania on August 20, 1974. he received his Master Degree in Nuclear Physics on April 1998 discussing a thesis on the application of the plastic scintillators in medical physics.

In 1998 entered in the Medical Physics school of the Florence University where he get his degree as Qualified Medical Physicist in 2000 discussing a work thesis on the use of the natural and synthetic diamond as dosimetric system for ionizing radiation.

In 2000 he started the PhD course at the Catania University .The PhD work was completely dedicated to the use and application of the Monte Carlo approach in proton and ion therapy. He get his PhD title in 2003 discussing a thesis on the use of the Monte Carlo Geant4 code in hadrontherapy applications.

Dr. Cirrone is expert of the use of proton and ion in radiation treatment and of absolute and relative dosimetry in electron, photon and ion beam.
He is expert of the development and test of detectors for medical applications.
He is expert of the development and use of Monte Carlo-based techniques for the simulation of problems related to the medical physics and nuclear fields.
He is expert in the beamline transport and diagnostic of laser-driven ion beams.

Since 2002 he belongs to the Geant4 Collaboration being responsible for the development and maintenance of an example for the simulation of iontherapy related problems. Since 2006 is member of the Geant4 Steering Board as responsible of the "Advanced Examples" working group and since 2008 is responsible of the validation activity of the Geant4 "Low Energy" working Group.

Since 2007 he is the responsible of the protontherapy beam line and of the interdisciplinary beam-line at the Laboratori Nazionali del Sud of INFN coordinating and supporting various experimental Groups.

In 2006 he was local spokeperson of the PRIMA INFN project dedicated to the development and design of a proton computed tomography.

In 2010 was local spokesperson of the LILIA INFN project dedicated to the study and detection of proton beams accelerated by high power ladder beams to be used in medical application.

Since 2012 he is responsible of the ELIMED (ELI-Beamline MEDical applications) project. ELIMED will realize a Users’ transport beamline and associated diagnostic for laser-accelerated beams. The beamline will be installed at ELI-Beamlines (Prague, CZ) whitin the end of 2017.

He is actualy the local Coordinator of the multidisciplinary Committee of INFN.

He is President of the Tecnical Board of the COMETA consortium, a National research Institution dedicated to the high perrformance computing and related applications.

He was a member of the scientific committees and organization of national and international conferences. He presented reports in international conference and national and international workshops. He was a referee of experiments and scientific articles in international journals.